How We Got Here

YourDakota formed in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. We believe that knowledge is power and our goal is to empower consumers so they have the information they need to feel comfortable navigating the ever-changing world of COVID-19. It is our mission to leverage this information to boost consumer confidence to keep the doors of our local businesses open and reinvigorate our local economy.

Since businesses have started to reopen we have all driven to our favorite restaurant, store, watering hole or coffee shop only to find we can’t go inside yet, Their hours have changed or there is a confusing curbside ordering process. We also do not know what those establishment are doing to keep us safe. THIS is what we are working to fix at YourDakota! We are working to help local businesses succeed in this moment of adversity and make it easier for consumers to make decisions, know what to expect and feel safe!

So what is YourDakota? YourDakota is a website where people in the community and people planning travel to the community can go to get all the information they need to enjoy some time out on the town in a single website. People can search where they want to go by standard fields such as business hours as well as now relevant fields such as lobby-open or curb-side pickup for restaurants or safety measures such as masks required. Business owners also get an opportunity to communicate with their customers directly to inform them of the safety measures they are taking to keep their staff and customers safe as well as a personalized message to their audience.

The best part is YourDakota is free to list and free to view! We feel this is paramount to achieving the mission of getting as much information out in the wild as possible which will bring the greatest rewards to our local economy.

Enjoy, refer a friend, encourage other business owners to claim their listings, let us know what you think and let’s get going!

Thank You,

The YourDakota Team